How to keep your house tidy always

10 Useful Tips to Keep Your House Tidy Always

One of the biggest things I’ve achieved as a homemaker so far, is being able to keep my home clean and tidy at all times. Don’t get me wrong, when I say clean and tidy, I don’t mean every single thing is in perfect state at all times, or that you won’t occasionally find biscuits crumbs on the floor of my living room or a piece of kid’s building block under my couch.

What I mean is that majority of the time, everything is in order.

A littered and disorganised home, on the other hand, is burdensome. If you’re like me, you won’t be able to keep your head straight and it becomes very difficult to do other things. You will continuously be bothered by how much work you have to do without knowing where to start, then end up spending the whole day trying to figure out what to do first, while piling up on new chores.

When you eventually find a way , it takes forever to get everything back in order. And before you’re done, it’s most likely back to a messy state again. Unless you break the viscous cycle, you will always feel trapped.

I love housekeeping, and my favorite work area is my home. For efficient work and to optimise time and resources, a clean and tidy work area is of paramount importance. When you have a nice clean home, you would have the willpower to carry on for the day and be productive.


As a wife and mother, one of your work areas is your home. Keeping it clean and tidy always will make other work more efficient and increase your overall productivity.

To Be Tidy or Not to Be Tidy

I cannot emphasise this enough – It is easier to maintain a tidy home than an untidy one. You might think having to clean and clear trash away every time is a lot of hard-work, but let me tell you what hard-work is.

Hard-work is having to look hard for your socks because wardrobe or closet is in a complete mess. Hard-work is having to do tons of dishes each time because you let them pile up. Hard-work is having to make your bed every night before sleeping on it, because it was messed up all day.

Hard-work is having to quickly clear your living room because some visitors showed up unannounced. It is hard-work to feel guilty that you didn’t clean the water that spilled on floor when your baby slipped on it and won’t stop crying. You can guess the rest.


The amount of hard-work you put to keeping your home tidy is little compared with that required to live in a disorganised home.

The Real Struggle

There are three major reasons why you may find keeping the house tidy a difficult task. The first is that maintaining the state of being tidy seems nearly impossible when you have little kids around, as they comfortably, without even trying to, imperil your efforts to keep your house in order. So, the impending need to ALWAYS rearrange puts you off.

Another reason is procrastination. A house can get messy pretty quickly. If you decide to do it later, it will pile up and become more difficult to back to a good shape. Putting things away, cleaning spilled drink, returning things to their rightful places, etc should be done immediately or in a systematic manner, otherwise, you’re back to square one in no time.

The last reason it may be so difficult to keep your house in order is because things might not have their own place. Take for instance, today, your knives are on the shelves in your kitchen. After use, you place them inside a drawer. Another time, you put them in their rack. If you’re looking for the knife, there is a chance you don’t know where you kept it, and that will make you check a lot of places and disorganising those places in the process. That way, it will be difficult to be orderly.


Having children who continuously jeopardise one’s efforts to keep the house clean, postponing tidying up thereby letting chores to pile up, and things not having their own designated places are three major reasons why many women find it difficult to keep their home in order.

How to Keep Your House Clean and Tidy Always

Having a tidy home will require you to put conscious efforts to put things right. Chores won’t do themselves. You have to set up a mindset that you are in charge of the home and it is going to look awesome the way you want it, rather than believing that you’re tasked with the responsibility. It is your home and you decide what it looks like. Here are top 10 tips to help you keep your home tidy and clean.

1. Have a Schedule and Stick with It

Design a personal schedule for cleaning and tidying up. Factor in how many spaces there are in your house, time, order of the cleaning and extent.

I prefer to do all cleaning in the morning because I like to start my day as productive as possible. I start from my bedroom. I make the bed and take out anything that does not belong there as soon as I rise from bed. I then clean the floor, rearrange my drawer top and take out any dirt that might be present.

I clean my bathroom just as I’m about to have a bath (when I’m done with all cleaning). I scrub the floor, wash the water closet and rinse the walls. I then move to the next area of the house that’s on my schedule and continue from there.

The key here is, an area at a time. This will make the routine easier to adhere to and in case something happens that you can’t continue, you’d already have some spaces totally tidied up rather than none at all.

It is important to stick with the schedule you create for your cleaning and tidying because sticking to it will make it easier each time, and you can tidy your in a particular order. In a way, it helps me

2. Clean Every Day

It is very good if you clean and tidy your home every single day. It takes an average of 2 months to form a habit. If you organise every day, after about 2 months, the whole process would come natural to you and you would stop seeing it as a chore.If you clean and tidy up your home everyday, it means you would remove dirt from all areas and organise your stuff everyday. So, there won’t be piling up and that means you have less to do every day. And you save a lot of time.

Cleaning and tidying up your home every day would make you enjoy the essence of having a clear home each day. Soon enough, you will get used to it and you would be very uncomfortable when the house is messy. And you would want to get it back in order as soon as possible.

3. Declutter

Decluttering is the process of getting rid of items you do not use. Take some time off your schedule to look through every corner of your house. If there are some items that you have not used in a while, and you don’t see yourself needing any time soon, if ever, classify such item as clutter.

Surprisingly, clutter is everywhere. In the bathroom, bedroom, your wardrobe (that’s the headquarters, lol), kitchen, everywhere. Don’t hold on to things you no longer use. Get rid of them either by selling, donating or throwing them away.

Materials like tools, extra plates and pots and some additional equipment you might have in your house that you don’t need now should be kept in deep in the store.

Clutter occupies spaces that could be useful for other things and it adds up to the things you have to take care of.

4. Involve Your Family

The only way to ensure that the house remains clean, even when you are not looking is to engage your family in the whole tidying process. You don’t want your children to liter the living with wraps of candy or crumbs of biscuits or even their toys.

You also don’t want your husband’s towel on the bed. So you have to tell to clean up after making a mess, or inform them not to make a mess beforehand. Best still, assign a portion of the tidying chore to them and ensure they carry it out.

You can also assign a portion of the house to each child to watch and make sure no one makes it dirty. Children love stuff like that and they will do it with all their might.

4. Let Everything Have Its Place

When everything has its place, you know where to find them always. You don’t go around disorganising everywhere just because you’re searching for a thing. If anyone is tidying for you, they can figure out where you keep what. Also, when everything has it’s place, you tend to put them away as soon as possible.

5. Put Everything Away As Soon As You’re Done With It

Done using the nail clipper? Put it away immediately. This will allow you to be in control of what stays around and what doesn’t. Allowing things to pile up around the house overwhelms you and you makes you have a lot to do at cleaning time.

6. Be Mindful of Your Surroundings

Don’t tidy your home and forget about it for the day. It is a continuous process. Be conscious of what goes on around most times. That way, you can prevent your house from being disorganised and take corrective measures immediately something goes out of place. Monitor your activities and know what goes around in your house everytime.

7. Launder Your Clothes Weekly

Laundry is another thing that contributes to unkempt home. In order to have a tidy home, you must have plans for your laundry. You should chose when to do your laundry and stick to it. This will not only save your time but also power and soap.

Keep dirty clothes in a laundry basket immediately you remove them. Fold clothes as soon as you’re taking them out of laundry before putting into your closet or wardrobe rather than dumping them on your bed or in your closet.

8. Keep some Basic Cleaning Supplies Nearby

Basic cleaning supplies like a tissue, a rag, and a small bin should be kept close by and used as often as necessary.

9. Briefly Clean at Night

Before going to bed, take a few minutes to do some final surveys of the house. Keep food substances away from the counter, clean wet surfaces, take the trash out of the house. This will not only save you some time to clean in the morning, but also keep insects and rodents away. A clean house should house should not harbour pests. Nobody likes them

10. Go easy on Yourself

Yes, it’s good to have a perfect looking home. But sometimes, it’s just not achievable. You have to accept that you can’t always have your home in a perfect condition. If you find it too difficult, you can get help by hiring someone to take care of your home, ask family members for help or do whatever you can.

A lot if women are struggling with how to balance taking care of their homes with work, so nobody would judge you if you ask for help. Go easy on yourself.

I'm Umm Khadijah, a wife and a mum with a full time job, and hence a very busy schedule. Above anything else, I love being a homemaker and being there for my family. Being a mother, I go through the same challenges as every mum out there, from pregnancy to raising kids, cooking, and taking care of the home. Follow me on Facebook and Instagram and let's get to know each other 😉 😘 😘

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Ibn ghozaaly
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