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10 Exciting Things to do to Pass Time During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a beautiful experience, to be honest, for only one reason; you’re having a baby. Other than that, it is a very trying and nerve-wracking one. The last phase is especially hard, as the extra weight you have to carry in the center of your body actually weighs you down, physically and emotionally. At that point, you could almost give up on the pregnancy and the entire process as a whole, but the light at the end of the tunnel, your baby, keeps you going

Most women are usually very exhausted and time seems to pass by even slower in the third trimester. Also, by the third trimester, members of pregnancy support groups who are as far along as you are can start having their babies and you’ll feel like yours is taking too long.

At this point, there’s only one thing on your mind; having your baby as soon as possible. But guess what! Your baby won’t come until he/she is ready. So your only option is to look for ways to pass time without realising it.

Here are 10 exciting projects to help you pass time during pregnancy. From 30 weeks onwards, pick one project per week and make sure you complete it before moving to the next one. These projects will redirect your mind from the pregnancy and focus it on their outcome.

1. Go Baby Shopping

You’re probably already buying things for your baby since you found out you’re pregnant. Clothing, gears, skin and hair products, etc. Do some research and make a list of things you’ve decided to buy. Check them out in stores and buy them. Choose one day for one group of items and buy each group on separate days of the week so that you can have enough time to choose between the endless options available in the market.

2. Organise Your Nursery

Decorating and organising your nursery is important, even if your baby won’t sleep there at night for the first few months. Arrange the baby’s supplies, bedding, gear, etc as you should use the room more during the day so as to familiarise the baby with the environment. Decorate the walls with stickers, put baby toys in the right places. Desist from painting or using any chemicals that may be toxic to you and your growing baby while pregnant. Research nursery decorating ideas and get starter.

3. Do a DIY Project

DIY rugs, baby stuffed toys, crochet/knit blanket, etc are great ideas. There are a lot of resources available on the internet to put you through the process. The tip here is, do something for yourself or your baby. Looking forward to finishing it would take your mind away from your pregnancy temporarily and you’d hardly feel time passing.

4. Prepare Plenty Meals in Advance

A few weeks after your pregnancy, when your baby arrives, you would need every single minute you have. You don’t want to add cooking meals to your already overwhelming schedule. So, write a menu book, get some groceries to prepare some food, and keep them stored in the fridge or freezer. This will come handy for the first few days after you’ve had your baby.

5. Clean and organize your home

My best bet is, you will already feel like cleaning and arranging everything. Nesting the term used to describe this phenomenon and it occurs as pregnancy approaches due date. Clean and clean. Arrange and organize everything. Let everything have its place. You won’t have enough time to do some deep cleaning for a while after your baby arrives, and you can remember where your stuff are in case you need them in the future.

6. Remove Clutter

You’re bringing in new stuff for your pregnant self and your unborn baby. Try to get rid of unused ones too. We hold on to that are no longer useful to us without realising it. Do a yard sale or sell online things you no longer need. Discard or repair broken items. Get your house free of unnecessary things.

7. Pack Your Hospital Bag

Baby clothes, receiving blankets, bath supplies, snacks for yourself, make a list of the things you need in the hospital and pack them all in a bag. Put the bag close to your door so that you would just grab and go when labour comes, which is any time from now.

8. Research and Practice Breathing Exercise

If you’re going through labour, you would need to learn about pain management. Breathing exercises are awesome techniques to help manage pain. Learn to focus on your breathing and take deep breaths. Trust me, you would need it.

9. Stock up on Postpartum Recovery Essentials

Whether it’s your first child or tenth, postpartum recovery is important. Get pain killers like Advil and acetaminophen to deal with perineal soreness. Sitz bath and Epsom salt for quick recovery. Loose-fitting clothes, breastfeeding tops, leggings, slippers, will all make your life easier after birth.

10. Pamper Yourself

Make your hair, get manicure and pedicure, get a nice massage as well. Eat healthy food and treat yourself with anything (safe, of course) you feel like consuming. Binge on your favourite shows, take a lot of naps. Go on dates with your partner and have nice time together. Do all these and don’t feel guilty about being selfish. You need all the selfish you can get now because you will spend a couple of months without remembering to do something nice for yourself. So make up for that now.

What do you do to keep yourself busy and pass time during pregnancy? Please, let us know in the comment section below.

I'm Umm Khadijah, a wife and a mum with a full time job, and hence a very busy schedule. Above anything else, I love being a homemaker and being there for my family. Being a mother, I go through the same challenges as every mum out there, from pregnancy to raising kids, cooking, and taking care of the home. Follow me on Facebook and Instagram and let's get to know each other 😉 😘 😘

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